How To Repair and Replace Pachislo Stop Reel Buttons

How to Repair & Replace Pachislo Stop Reel Buttons

Two Main Button Types

1. Stop Button Assembly

2. Individual Stop Buttons

Stop Button Assembly

All buttons are combined into a single assembly. The entire assembly is easily removed from the machine by removing two screws.

Each button has a connector that is attached to a main board on the assembly, that board has a connector that is attached to the Pachislo machine..

Unplug the assembly connector, remove the two screws and remove the assembly from the machine.

In most cases you can then remove the board from the assembly by either removing a screw, a few clips or both. Once the backs of the buttons are exposed you can remove each by either unscrewing a plastic nut that holds it in place or by pressing on two clips that hold it in place.

If your buttons have clips, simply use a small flat screwdriver. Press in on one clip slightly while gently pushing the it through the front of the assembly. DO NOT FORCE IT. Just loosen the first side by depressing the clip.

Now do the same with the other clip and it should pop out the front of the assembly.

Individual Stop Buttons

The second type is the Individual Stop Button. In this case, they are not part of an assembly. Each is connected individually to the machine. Unplug them individually from the board and follow the same directions to loosen the clips and push it out of the front of the machine.

Repairing Buttons

The most common problem with buttons is they become sticky and will either not push in or push in and stick. To solve this problem you may not need to replace or even remove them.

Use a silicone spray. Depress the button if possible. Spray a SMALL AMOUNT of silicone spray onto the corners of the button and wipe off the excess quickly. Work the button in and out for a few seconds to let the silicone work into the areas around the button.

Replacing Buttons

This may be difficult. You will not be able to find new buttons but some buttons from scrapped machines may be found online. You will need to not only match the button style and size, but you will need to match the button connector.

There are many different types of connectors and you will need to match the style and the number of pins.

Critical Review Of The Infinity War Skill Stop Slot Machine

While searching for a slot machine that is capable of providing complete casino experience, then getting the Infinity War Skill Stop Machine seems to be a wise decision. These machines include skill stop reels, and that is the reason behind the name Skill Stop Machine.

It costs almost more than three thousand and five hundred dollars to get a first hand slot machine, and that is really hard enough for many buyers to afford. Keeping this thing in mind, it is a good option for the buyers to have a second hand slot machine. Infinity War Skill Stop Machine happens to be one of them that come with all the features a user want.

Skilled technicians handle the refurbishment procedure of the Infinity War Skill Stop Machine. Each section of the machine is tested carefully to assure safety to the customers so that they do not have any problem. In the factory, all components of the slot machines are cleaned, and the cracks on the exterior are filled.

After that, the machine is painted with long lasting wax solution, and left to dry. Once the paint dries, it goes to the electrical department where technicians install four or five AMP transformers in the machines.

All these are done to provide total security for the users, as they will be playing at home. The machine features custom made labels to make it more users friendly.

The Infinity War Skill Stop Machine accepts tokens only, and it is not so easy to change into coins. Manual customer support is provided to the users with every purchase, and they get technical support through telephone.

In case the users find any problem with the performance of the machine, they are able to claim for resolution. The machine comes with two years warranty that covers all machine components but not the light bulbs.

In case the light bulbs are damaged then the users can get them from the manufacturer. Another important point to be noticed in case is when any damage occurs due to water, lightening, fire, and dropping, the company is liable for that.

These types of damages do not come under the warranty period. The Infinity War Skill Stop Machine comes with animated display and video screen that adds an extra fun while slotting.

The machine also features complete light and sound equipments, and the light sparkles after each winning combination displays. That seems to be just like any casino game the users have experienced. Now the machines are available at a cheaper price therefore, it is affordable for any potential buyer.

People might have some doubt on the selling of these machines, as they are almost new ones. They must know that international casinos are supposed to use a slot machine for more than two years as it is against the rule. Only because of this reason, they need to be removed from the casinos, and the benefit goes to the buyers, as they are able to get almost brand new machines.

To Stop Gambling Problems, NLP is An Effective and Easy to Use Treatment

One of the more effective treatments to stop gambling is the NLP stop technique. NLP is neuro linguistic programming. Simply stated, when anything becomes a habitual behavior, it builds neural pathways in the brain. The brain becomes “wired” to perform that particular behavior. Every time the behavior is repeated, the programming goes deeper and becomes more entrenched.

Sometimes this pattern of wiring the brain is useful. For instance, when any new skill, like playing the piano, is learned, we read music and move our hands through conscious effort, but after repetition, when the brain becomes wired and the neural pathways are formed, we automatically move our hand to the proper keys when they eye detects the notes on the page. Another skill that becomes a habit and is stored in the subconscious is driving a car. At first, the student driver must try to remember everything but after a while it becomes automatic and the driver may drive down the road and think about things other than driving, even talking on the phone, while safely driving.

The key, of course is that these skills and habits re stored in the subconscious mind, also called the unconscious because we seem to do many things, unconsciously, without thinking about them.

Neuro linguistic programming means training the brain using words to form new neural pathways. One NLP technique is the stopping technique. A skilled hypnotherapist guides the client to a relaxed and accessible frame of mind and then has the client picture him or herself starting to do the unwanted behavior, in this case, gambling. Just as the client forms a picture of gambling and the neural pathways for gambling are stimulated, the therapist says “stop!” and the client lets the scene fade from his or her mind. As this is repeated, over and over, the neural pathways are rewired and the urge to gamble begins to fade away.

The neural pathway isn’t gone, it is simply rewired and the problem gambler has developed a new habit, non-gambling. Of course, the gambling problems never really go away completely so it is a good idea to continue with a good 12 step group of some other form of support.

Specially trained therapists can use the NLP stop technique and in several sessions get the problem gambler on his or her way to recovery. Another alternative is MP3 files that can be downloaded from the internet or even listened to online.

The key to successfully using these relaxing guided meditations is repetition and a positive attitude. Because they are so simple to use many people are now using them on a daily basis. You never know, that person sitting on the plane beside you with the headphones attached to the little MP3 player may be treating him or herself for a gambling problems or some other unwanted behavior. It is that simple and widely used.