Omaha Hi – Learn the Basics

Omaha hi is a fascinating poker game and very easy to understand. It has two variations Omaha high and Omaha hi/lo split. There are two ways by which betting is done in Omaha poker, one through structured limit while the other is without any limit.

Before starting to play Omaha hi, it is very important to know its rule. As per the structured betting rule $2/$4 are the minimum betting edge. Let us now understand this, 2/4 means that the minimum betting amount should be $2 for the game of first two rounds and the minimum bet in the case of two last rounds should be minimum $4, this limit is also applicable in case of raising . Casino is represented by a player in the form of a dealer. Dealer’s turn comes at the end of every betting round. There is a “Button” which is also known as ‘marker’ – signifies the dealer.

Game of Omaha hi gets underway once the two blind bets are placed. The player who is on the left hand side of the dealer places the small blind. A small blind in the game of Omaha hi can be the half of the minimum bet. After this, the player on the left of the player who has put small blind places the big blind. The other participating players do not place any more money to start their hand. The marker or the button revolves around the table and all participating players according to their turn will play at the same time as the small blind, big blind and the dealer.

In Omaha hi once the blinds are placed, all participating players are given four cards with their face down. The first card is given to the small blind player while the last card is received by the dealer. Just after this first round of betting starts. A player on the left side of the big blind has a choice to place $2 to “Call” the blind bet or bring in $4 to raise the big blind. If he/she posses a bad hand he/she can also go for fold.

In this manner, the betting keeps on going until it reaches to the player who had placed the small blind. The small blind has the option to place $1 to “Call” the bet. Big blind is the last person to play. At the end of the betting rounds the player with best hand is adjudged as the winner or champion. Omaha hi follows flop, turn, river and showdown methods.